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Appointment Set up

After setting up a private personal title, Laura specifies the amount of time that they would like to reserve within a larger time frame. 

Laura can drag the timeframe in order to specify their ideal timing and set a variety or alerts. 





Personal Interface

The flexible window of time is denoted by a bar while the desired time slot is visualized by the flag shape.

As appointments are schedule the 30 min time slot is able to flex in order to accommodate invitations.  If only one possible time slot remains, the time slot is solidified so that there is a guaranteed time to pump. 

Laura always has the choice to right click on her ideal time slot to set her time slot  (seen on the far right).


Busy Search

When a co-worker busy searches Laura, they can see flexible window of time.  Because the only window of time the whole team is free falls over Laura's desired time slot, the desired time slot slides to the other remaining 30 minute slot and becomes permanently unavailable.  This allows the team to connect and Laura to feel secure in her time to pump.

Appointment Alert

And if the meeting Laura is in starts to run over, her calendar can be set to call her so that she has a subtle excuse to excuse herself and take the call.